IR, 2013 | by Yiu Yu Hoi


Sao Paulo JISZDA



Ai Weiwei artist and activist, who is currently not allowed to leave his home country of China, recently unveiled Trace, a powerful new installation that consists of 176 LEGO portraits of political prisoners and exiles from around the world.


乘 by Guan◎歌無岸 on Flickr.
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Some leftover photos from the road trip I forgot to post.


Circulation’s - Jerry Washington
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~   Archbishop Fulton Sheen (via servusmariae)


Dust Nadav Kander

For Dust Nadav Kander photographed the desolated landscapes of the Aral Sea and captured fascinating images of the restricted military zones of Priozersk and Kurtchatov, which did not appear on any map until well after the end of the Cold War. Long-distance missiles were tested in Priozersk under great secrecy. Hundreds of atomic bombs were detonated in the so-called Poly­gon near Kurchatov until the program ended in 1989. The bombs were exploded in a remote but still popu­lated area, and covert studies were made of the ef­fects of the radiation on the unsuspecting inhabi­tants. Kander writes how the ticking of the Geiger counter on his belt while he photographed reminded him that he should not become too enthralled with the aesthetic and painterly allure of the crumbling ruins.” Text via.

At Home With Londons Antiques Whisperer 
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Fleur/ Revista - Agostina Lotierzo
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building concept 
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Chelsea March  - “Outward expression is one of my most favorite methods of worship. Fashion & blogging are an extension of me & all of it is an extension of what God is doing in my life. I love being able to create visual art, style & conceptualize. I thank God everyday for the gift of vision He’s given me in terms of art & fashion”

An ongoing Portrait project with c3brooklyn.

by Emmanuel Afolabi. 

Whoa, what a cool project.

Canvas  by  andbamnan