“A women walks in the Musée du Louvre, alone. 
The museum is completely empty. 
We follow this young woman in her dreamlike journey through the different rooms of the museum, between amazement and beauty, art and poetry.”

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Andrew Hem (b. Cambodia, LA based)     Paintings/Drawings


A madewell summer ‘14


Coasters, Drink & Drunk
by Tun Ho

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148 Retro Labels and Badges Templates by Alex Zeppelin.

A couple of useful templates of logos and badges can cost you around $25 bucks, that’s why I love this kind of limited time promos, This bundle claim to content 148 badges of different styles, and cost only 16% of his original price. 

Download the full editable file here:


Lettering craft 3

Only Human, that’s what lettering is. It is not fonts nor calligraphy. The difference between calligraphy lies in the stroke. Lettering uses fine detailed lines and calligraphy uses one stroke to finish the whole work. This is what lettering for the modern times, makes so very astonishing. Some of the most famous letterers have the power to create their work with one stroke for each ornament and letter, so that the hand looks fluid. Lettering need great practice and patience. Enjoy it!

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Eszti Varga    |

"When I started to design packaging of Paprika I considered several ways, because I wanted to avoid the packaging style from the grocery shops and I wanted to make something special. The emblem has a classy, illustrative way because I think it expresses the tradition of Paprika in Hungary and in typography I used a ligature which form is familiar with the shape of Paprika. "

Eszti is a graphic designer based in London, United Kingdom. She is focused on graphic design, branding, packaging and typography.

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Cardamom Coffee » Kinfolk
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White Mint Palm Leaf Leather Zipper Clutch // $95
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A kitten aboard a floating Victoria water lily pad in the Philippines, 1935.Photograph by Alfred T. Palmer, National Geographic Creative
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"Wedding Day" 

Here’s a freshly completed personal piece that’s a bit Thumbelina-ish. I just needed to paint a wedding with frogs really, really badly. And now I have! 

Canvas  by  andbamnan